Soft Girl Aesthetic: What it is? How to Get the Look

Soft Girl Aesthetic: What it is & How to Get the Look [2024] guide

Hey there, fashionista! Are you ready to dive into one of the cutest trends that has taken the world by storm? Yes, we're talking about the soft girl aesthetic, a style filled with pastels, plushies, femininity, and all things pretty including aesthetic clothing. This trend is getting more and more popular each day even on social media: There are more than 500k posts on TikTok and 2m posts on Instagram! This guide is your one-stop shop for mastering this adorable trend, whether you're refreshing your aesthetic wardrobe or just looking for some style inspo. Let's break it down!

What is a Soft Girl?

The term "soft girl" refers to someone who embraces a youthful, cute, feminine style characterized by a love for pastels, floral patterns, and a generally "soft" approach to fashion and makeup. Softies are adorable, emotional, and vulnerable. Plushies are their fave accessories; they're the keys to have an innocent look. It's not just a style; it’s a way of expressing gentleness and an affinity for all things sweet and serene.

what is mean soft girl

A "Soft Girl" is someone who is cute, sweet, vulnarable, and innocent. Softies adopt a cute and innocent style that's rich in pastels, floral patterns, and comfy, loose-fitting clothing. It is all about showcasing a gentle and nurturing persona through fashion, hair, makeup, and behavior. Soft girls embrace a look that is not only trendy but also inherently warm and accessible, often incorporating plenty of pink, baby blues, and lavender shades into their outfits.

Where did the Soft Girl Aesthetic Come From?

Softie aesthetic is originated in the late 2010s as a trend. Tracing its roots back to the whimsical Kawaii culture of Japan and the playful fashion of the Y2K aesthetic era, the soft girl aesthetic is a modern revival of all things charming, cute and girly. Influenced by the nostalgic vibes of Bratz dolls, this trend stands out from other aesthetics like the edgy E-Girl aesthetic or the eco-conscious VSCO Girl by prioritizing softness and warmth in its fashion choices.

This style is all about celebrating femininity in a way that’s comforting, inviting, chill, and, of course, fashion-forward.

What is the Soft Girl Aesthetic?

The Soft Girl Aesthetic is a fashion and lifestyle trend that combines elements of vintage and modern styles to create a look that is both nostalgic and fresh. Key features include minimalistic makeup emphasizing natural beauty, with a special focus on pink cheeks and glossy lips, and outfits that mix comfort with cuteness, like oversized knitted sweaters paired with pleated skirts. Accessories are playful and often childish, with hair clips, scrunchies, and patterned socks as staples.

what is soft girl aesthetic

What is the Soft Girl Era?

The "Soft Girl Era" refers to the current period where this cute aesthetic has gained significant popularity, especially on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. This era is characterized by a widespread embrace of the aesthetic's values—kindness, positivity, innocence, cuteness, serenity, and a softer approach to personal style.

It’s a counter-movement to the more serene, innocent, feminine, and minimalist trends, highlighting a return to a more expressive and openly affectionate cultural zeitgeist.

How to Be a Soft Girl

To be a Soft Girl aesthetic, you should blend fashion, makeup, accessories, and hairstyles into a charming, innocent, and adorable look. Each item should complete one another. Your Soft Girl wardrobe should include the shades of white, baby blue, baby pink, and cream. Here’s how to nail each element to look more lovely and attractive:

how to be soft girl

Soft Girl Fashion

For the soft girl fashion, tart with a palette of pastels. Think baby pinks, soft blues, and mint greens. Key pieces include floral and gingham patterns, baby tees, button-up cardigans, crop hoodies, teddy long jackets, a-line skirts, and oversized, cozy sweaters that feel like a warm hug. Pair these with thigh-high socks or tights to complete the look. Softie aesthetic clothes are full of femininity and innocence!

soft girl aesthetic

For special events, begin with a base, like a soft pastel aesthetic tee paired with a high-waisted a-line skirt or just choose cute soft girl outfits such as innocent white baby tees and cargo skirts. Layer with a cropped hoodie or a cute barbie shirt. Or you can just wear an adorable sweater dress to look charming effortlessly. Add thigh-high socks matched with black platform shoes, canvas shoes, or ballet flats. Your soft girl aesthetic outfits will rock TikTok!

    Soft Girl Makeup

    The goal is a dewy, radiant complexion that looks effortlessly youthful. After your skincare routine, apply a light base. Use a light coverage foundation or a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone while letting natural beauty shine through. Use concealer where needed. Pink blush swept across the nose and cheeks adds a playful touch, while faux freckles can be dotted on with an eyebrow pencil for a sun-kissed look. Finish with a swipe of glossy lip balm to keep lips plump and hydrated.

    Soft Girl Accessories

    This is where you can really have fun and personalize your style. Layer on cute, child-like accessories such as hair clips in shapes like butterflies or flowers, enamel pins on your bag or jacket, and chunky jewelry that makes a statement. Don’t forget a cute backpack or a canvas tote bag! You can also have heart-shaped sunglasses, thigh-high socks, beaded necklaces, and rhinestone belts.

    soft girl accessories infographic

    For special events, choose cute accessories that complement your outfit. Start with a cute butterfly hair clip or pearl headband. Add a necklace with a charm that speaks to you, layer on an evil eye bracelet, and pin a couple of enamel pins to your cardigan. You can also have leather belts with pearls, white belly chains, fishnet tights, and cute bucket bags.

    Soft Girl Hair

    Soft waves or curls add to the feminine allure to your soft girl style. If you have straight hair, try loose curls with a curling iron and set them with light hairspray. Braids, especially crown or side braids, also work beautifully. Accessories like headbands and bow clips are perfect for this look.

    soft girl hair styles

    Decide if you want your hair down in soft waves or perhaps tied up with a scrunchie or cute hair claws or bandanas. You could even try a cute bucket hat if it’s chilly out!

      How to Dress Like a Soft Girl

      Ready for the prettiest Softie aesthetic outfit ideas? Add some gentle hues to your closet like pastel pink, baby blue, creamy tones, or crisp white. Buy tops such as cropped button-ups, cozy polar jackets, mini dresses, or oversized hoodies, all designed to exude a charming and stylish vibe. When it comes to bottoms, high-waisted pants or a-line maxi skirts can create a flattering silhouette. Don't forget to accessorize for a cuter softie look! Incorporate plenty of accessories, particularly those featuring heart-shaped motifs, for an irresistibly cute aesthetic.

      Soft Girl Lifestyle and Culture

      Being a soft girl goes beyond fashion and makeup; it’s about cultivating a lifestyle that reflects softness, innocence, and gentleness in every aspect:

      • Activities and Hobbies:

        • Baking: Soft girls love spending time in the kitchen, baking cookies or cupcakes decorated with cute, colorful toppings.
        • Crafting: Whether it’s making your own jewelry or creating custom stickers, crafting is a great way to express your soft girl aesthetic.
        • Watching Anime: Enjoying anime series with charming and heartwarming narratives is a favorite pastime.
      • Music and Art Influences:

        • Soft girls often draw inspiration from indie and soft music that evokes a sense of whimsy and sweetness. Artists like Clairo, Ariana Grande, Rex Orange County, and Taylor Swift are favorites. Especially Margot Robbie from the Barbie movie expresses the deepest parts of this aesthetic. Check our Barbiecore aesthtetic guide to learn more!
        • In the art world, soft girls appreciate pastel-colored illustrations and gentle, dreamy landscapes that reflect their own style and sensibilities.
      • Embracing Femininity:

        • The soft girl aesthetic is also about empowering young women to embrace their femininity without compromise. It encourages expressing emotions openly and finding strength in what society often dismisses as 'girly.'
      For more info, take a look at our How to Be Aeshtetic guide and discover how easy it is to look fashionable!

        Related Aesthetics with the Soft Girl

        Soft Girl isn't just a standalone trend; it's part of a broader spectrum of styles that each add their own unique flavor to fashion and culture. Here are a few related aesthetics:

        Soft Baddie

        Imagine a cross between a badass and a softgirl. Wouldn't that be fierce? Soft baddies have a simultaneous spicy and sweet flavor. Striking a balance between the two is really difficult. They can be chilly fish to some, yet they are incredibly wonderful to others around them. You will come to understand that they are not an ice-queen like NANA from the anime series as you get to know them more. They enjoy dressing in both subtle hues and pastels. Their motto is to be sweet and passionate at the same time.

        soft baddie aesthetic outfits

        You can't be a soft baddie without wearing opulent clothing. Invest in high heels, denim mini skirts, and pink crop tops. Cute Hello Kitty phone cases, leg warmersring sets, cat-eye sunglasses, and necklaces in shades of gold and rose are also a must. Get a lengthy, diamond-shaped nail art. Style your hair as though you just left the hair salon five minutes ago.

        Dark Softgirl

        Dark softgirl has emerged, fusing the grunge and soft girl aesthetics. Sweet, dark gentle girls that would rather keep their cute soul hidden from the world. They enjoy hanging out by themselves on the street or at home. Their interests include reading books, taking care of the plants, lounging outside with the air pods on, and listening to relaxing music. Their clothing, cosmetics, and black hair all serve to distinguish them.

        dark softgirl outfits

        Basic ensembles like turtlenecks, black long sleeve shirts, faux-leather trench coats, cargo pants, striped dresses, and platform shoes are staples in this aesthetic's wardrobe. You can purchase your clothing and accessories from secondhand stores or thrift stores if you want to look like a dark soft girl. For them, sustainability is essential. Simple butterfly necklaces, rhinestone diamond choker necklaces, heart bracelets made of silver, snap clips, and retro cat-eye sunglasses are ideal for this aesthetic.


        Most of the time, softboys want to be alone themselves. They enjoy music with a slow tempo. They don't prioritize leading an active social life with their buddies. They don't have many close pals. They are not the type to share secrets. They like to talk exclusively to those they feel particularly close to. Softboys have no interest in gatherings, festivities, or parties. Their concentration is on working long hours, spending time alone, and eventually succeeding.

        softboy fashion

        Do you want to be a cuddle bug? First, you need to wear specific soft boy outfits. Put on warm, relaxed attire in muted hues. Perfect pieces include square sunglasses, chunky shoes, black denim shorts, cargo pants, black baggy jeans, loose T-shirts, long trench coats, and oversized sweaters.


        Inspired by the ocean, this aesthetic features aquatic colors and marine motifs, combining the soft girl’s love for pastels with oceanic blues and greens, creating a serene, nature-focused vibe. These males, sometimes referred to as "Oce-boys," are laid back. They like singing, traveling, and hanging out on the beach with pals. For them to be content, social interaction is necessary. In addition, they cannot survive without having a view of the ocean or sea. Their favorite hue is blue, which they attempt to wear on all occasions.

        oceanboy aesthetic outfits

        Favorite outfits of Oceanboys are wayfarers, knitted sweaters, men's baggy jeans, canvas shoes, blue dot shirts, and hoodies with blue stripes. For them, comfort is of the essence, thus they dress comfortably. They always dress in the newest styles because they follow fashion.

        FAQ's | Soft Girl Aesthetic

        Q: How to become a softie aesthetic?

        A: Begin by incorporating key elements into your soft girl wardrobe and makeup routine. Start with soft pastels, baby pinks, baby blues, creams, and white as well as comfortable pieces like oversized sweaters and pleated skirts. Makeup should be minimal yet radiant, focusing on pink cheeks and glossy lips. Gradually, you can expand to include cute accessories and hairstyles that complement the aesthetic and have an innocent but attractive look.

        Q: Can I Mix Other Styles with the Soft Girl Aesthetic?

        A: Absolutely! The soft girl aesthetic is versatile and can be blended with elements from other styles. For instance, you can combine it with streetwear for a more casual look or with vintage pieces for a unique twist. Also, it is even possible to mix it with the rebellious Grunge aesthetic, cute Kawaii fashion, or elegant Coquette clothing! The key is to maintain the soft, approachable vibe that defines the aesthetic.

        Q: Where to Buy Soft Girl Outfits?

        A: Brands like ASOS, Cosmique Studio, and H&M offer a variety of pieces that fit the soft girl aesthetic without breaking the bank. Online platforms like Etsy also have handmade items that can add a personal touch to your wardrobe. If you wanna have unique and top-quality Soft Girl outfits, Litlookz Studio is the best online aesthetic clothing store for you!

        Q: How to Be Soft Girl Era?

        A: Choose soft girl colors and fabrics according to the event that you will attend first. Then, remember who you are and have your unique attitude. Your clothes should reflect your personality. Never ever try to look like someone else: Be just who you are. And don't forget to post your look on TikTok and IG, it will make it easier to find people like you!

        Q: What is a Soft Girl lifestyle?

        A: The Soft Girl Lifestyle starts with being who you really are. If you feel like a Softie, make sure your look, hobbies, and activities match your mind. Having a fave plushie, hanging out with friends, wathing romantic comedies, self-care, and shopping are the basics of the Soft Girl lifestyle.

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