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Wearing the Aesthetic Clothing, Living the Ethic.
This Store is a Manifesto in Stitches!

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, aesthetic clothing stands out, intertwining individual expression with iconic styles. From the sophistication of dark academia clothes to the ethereal charm of fairy grunge , dive into a realm where aesthetic cargo pants meet baddie, and every outfit tells a story.

Aesthetic Clothing Store

At Litlookz Studio, we're not just another online store; we're a journey. A voyage through women's and men's fashion landscapes, where iconic aesthetics blend with fresh trends. Whether you're redefining your style or just exploring, our curated collections await your discerning eye.

Soft Boy Aesthetic Clothes

Beyond the hues of matte pastel purples and the raw energy of oversized shirts lies the soft boy aesthetic . It's where sensitivity meets style, where crewneck sweaters resonate with mellow vibes, and skater-boy elements bring a touch of rebellion. Dive into a collection that's as multifaceted as you, and buy your favorites.

Coquette Aesthetic Clothes

Inspiration can come from anywhere—a sultry Lana Del Rey track, a viral TikTok trend, or the timeless allure of dollete fashion. Our coquette collection embraces all this and more, offering outfits that range from subtly seductive to playfully pink. Corset tops , floral dresses , laced gloves, and ruffled skirts give the feminine vibe!

Kawaii Aesthetic Clothes

The vibrant streets of Tokyo, the whimsical world of anime, and the sweet shades of Sanrio inspire our kawaii collection . With each piece, experience a blend of Japanese fashion's innocence and edginess, where pastel pinks dance alongside soft outfits , beckoning the inner girl in you. Plush jackets, fuzzy sweaters , preppy-style pants, and low-waisted skirts are cute enough for a kawaii wardrobe. Buy unique pieces from our aesthetic store and be the most attractive girl on TikTok and Instagram!

Fairy Grunge Aesthetic Clothes

Where darkness meets whimsy, the fairy grunge aesthetic is born. It's a symphony of oversized hoodies whispering tales of fairycore forests and plaid shirts echoing grunge anthems. Whether you lean towards the ethereal or the edgy, our collection promises a style that resonates. Combine various pieces by getting the main fairy grunge outfits, such as faux leather jackets, scarves, long skirts, rompers, and combat boots .

Dive into a world where every thread weaves a narrative, where style isn't just about clothes—it's about expressing who you are and who you aspire to be.

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Litlookz is the one-stop shop for alternative aesthetic clothing.

-Ava Rodriguez, US.

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Both the prices are affordable and the products are very sweet.πŸ’œ

-Lindsay Clark, CA.

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One of the rare stores where I can find products of my style.

-Eric Carey, US.

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All I want to say is these products are really cutee!😍

-Lisa Boone, FR.

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Litlookz Studio is the best brand of new generation aesthetic clothing.

-Amelia Kristov, US.

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