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Really cute! I bought S and it was a little loose at the sides but I adjusted it with the straps and now it fits perfectly. It is made of a lightweight fabric and is very comfy. You don't have to worry too much about the size because its quite flexible🤍

Good quality and fits me perfectly at the waist. Make sure to check the size chart before buying because its very accurate. The fabric quality is good and it has a bit of a wintery texture but I like it very much🖤

The top is great... the strap is adjustable and the fabric is a bit like a swimsuit rather because of the elasticity U_U

Very beautiful top, stylish, fashionable, young, but the fabric is swimming, the baby will be hot but its okay💘

Pretty cute but they fit kind of weird. Plus you can't actually tie them at the waist it is just a sewn on bow, still liked it ^_^

Matching coquette style shorts with a sweatshirt? Yes definitely! I love the effortless yet sweet look. I bought S but its already flexible so you don't have to worry too much about sizing (though checking the size chart is still a good idea)

Even though it İs designed as a crop top it hugs my body just like a corset and really accentuates the chest cup. If I tighten the laces a bit more at the back I get that full corset look. I absolutely love the semi transparent material because it lets my tattoo show through (total baddie vibe! LOL) btw I bought M and it fits like a glove no need to go larger

Absolutely loving this!💖💖💖 Because the top part has an elastic back it hugs the body just right and really showcases the figure beautifully. The fabric and quality are top notch and the ruffles add such a cute touch. Everything about it looks so good. Honestly it is a perfect product Iamm OBSESSED!✨✨

Really good quality and super stylish pants! I went for the 3XL (cause I am tall) and they look perfect on me. The denim is soft and seriously comfy. LOVE THIS!!🤞💕

It didn't quite work with my plaid pants😅 but I took a picture to show you just how it looks on its own. Despite the mismatch it is easily one of the standout pieces in my gothic wardrobe. The unique style really makes it pop and I absolutely love how it adds that edgy vibe to any outfit. Totally in love with it!!!

I snapped a close up to really capture the quality of the fabric and I have to admit I am super impressed. The texture and feel are top notch. It is definitely a cool piece that stands out in my wardrobe!^_^

Super cute dress!! It fits me perfectly but its quite short. Thankfully it has built in shorts underneath. Just make sure to tighten the adjustable straps at the top to ensure it covers your cleavage properly💞

Mermaid Sheer Mesh Top
Katlynn Lindgren

It is pretty cool and the fabric is surprisingly light making it super comfortable to wear. I actually bought the matching skirt from this site as well. Together they create the perfect ensemble stylish and cohesive. I just love how they look together!🧜‍♀️✨

Oopsie! Should've gone a size up for that baggy vibe but got my usual size instead🤷 It still looks fab not gonna lie but a little more room would've been ace. (tip: always double check that size chart!!)

This sporty hoodie fits right into my coquette style. The candy pink color pairs perfectly with everything. You can rock it with jeans too. Oh, and the delivery was super fast!💘

SUPER ADORABLEEEEE!!!! :D 10/10!!! they were a tiny big on me so I had to wear thick socks :( BUT STILL VERY VERY CUTE!!!! >:3

Wow!! Just like in the photo super comfortable and the clasp is quick to fasten and seems secure totally delighted. Definitely worth my money and feels like it’ll last a long time. Everything feels well made and sturdy. Btw it arrived super fast!🌟

Baddie Leopard Crop Top
Serena Franeck

OBSSESSED with this top! I only wish it was available in a smaller size because I’d snap it up in a heartbeat. Still it fits well enough to rock my coquette style totally nailing the look LOL😅 And let me tell you its not just about the fit the fabric feels amazing too. Would I recommend it? Absolutely YES! (S size)

I Don't Smoke Tee
Willie Harris

Bought this tee a few wks ago and totally love it! The print sends a strong msg & looks super stylish. Its blk color matches everything and the shiny letters really pop outdoors. Plus it is held up well after several washes still keeps its shape. Everyone keeps asking where I got it😂 I am always proud to share. Def a cool addition to your wardrobe!

Baddie Leopard Crop Top
Alessandra Blick

I absolutely adore the quality of the print! The peek of the pink bra underneath really adds a unique vibe🎀 It is got this adorable yet edgy baddie style. Totally LOVE IT!!!💗

Built in shorts fits great! Not the highest quality but I bought it for a music back festival and it is still such a beautiful piece because there is real attention to detail. It arrived super fast in less than two weeks. It is short but I dont mind because there are built in shorts and since it is for a festival it is totally fine. (for reference I have 33" hips a 24/25" waist and a 32" chest I am 5'4 and its S)

Bloody amazing!! It arrived sooner than expected and these heels are so comfortable to walk in. I am absolutely thrilled with them!

That shoe that perfectly blends a gothic and romantic vibe. Even when paired with fishnet stockings it still carries that dark romantic feel. (btw I went for one size bigger than my usual and it was the right call!)

To be honest it was a bit different from what I expected. The ring is flat in real life and the fit isn't as snug as I anticipated. However I adjusted the straps and now it fits better!

Me and my cat are obsessed with these shoes I think I might just have to get her a pair too LOL